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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New fabric will be able to charge your smartphone in your pocket

We all realize how important it is to charge quickly and easily mobile devices, but the truth is that we even fiddle with cables and chargers, as the development of inductive charging is not as fast as expected.

A different and very interesting approach to the issue of charging is to propose Intelligent Textiles, which created a new fabric for the British army, which would enable soldiers to charge their phone by simply putting it in their pocket!

The fabric is made from special yarn taking electricity from a battery (mounted anywhere on clothing), leading to charge the device simply by touch. Furthermore, this system can be used to transfer data from the clothes of the soldier, helmet or backpack without requiring separate power source.

Essentially, the basic idea is to require charging a single battery (that of cloth) to avoid having to remember to charge a lot of mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

It may sound like science fiction, but have already been successful trials, although it should be checked for the behavior of the system in different weather conditions before entering the production process. Let's see ...

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