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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Check the security of Facebook applications with Privacyscore


PrivacyChoice launches today the Privacyscore application for Facebook with which you can check which of the popular social network applications respect the privacy of your data and which not. "Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook everyday applications, sharing their personal data with thousands of providers. Each provider has their own privacy policies, which often do not provide even the basics, "says CEO of the company.

We have in mind that Facebook has no control over which applications have access to your data and has absolutely no responsibility. The Privacyscore grades each application from 0 to 100 before permitting access to your account so you have a more complete picture of the policy of each company.

The PrivacyChoice already scanned many companies to hold first place in the Playdom rating 93/100 and second place in the EA 91/100 while Zynga scored 82/100. The PrivacyChoice notes that the average of all applications is examined in 78/100.

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