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Friday, March 2, 2012

WCD-800, the new wireless charging system of LG [MWC 2012]

LG announced at MWC 2012 the successor of WCP-700, a new wireless charging system that resolves the problem of not using the phone during charging.

Thanks to the original shape of the WCD-800 charger keeps the device safely both horizontally and vertically. Simultaneously, the user can surf the Internet, or video monitor to make calls without any problem. Charging takes place via electromagnetic induction and according to LG, the system is as efficient as traditional wired chargers.

The charger is compatible with all new appliances with LG and other manufacturers are in line with the global standard inductive charger Qi.

The LG WCD-800 will be launched initially in Korea and by the middle of the year will be available in the U.S. yet unknown price. For now no release date has been announced for Europe.

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