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Friday, March 2, 2012

"Play", the new tablet of Google!

When a big technology company buys new domain name, does not go unnoticed, especially if that company is Google. This week passed Google seems that has purchased the following domains, under Fusible:

Fusible emphasizes the use of the word "play" in the above domains, and combinations of words such as magazines, books, movies, apps, music and games shows you Google's plans to use the name Play the rumored Google-branded tablet.
Of course we can not be 100% sure Google actually bought the domain names. Until now owned by MarkMonitor, which manages and protects domains on behalf of Google and other companies. Certainly does not make sense for any other company to buy domains with the word "Google", so we assume that Google itself is behind the market.
A possible decision of Google to enter the area of a tablet with the own device is not at all strange, not so much about the competition iPad, but more for market share cheapest tablet as the Kindle Fire in Amazon, and the name not Play is bad for a gadget 7 inches.
To CNET reports that Google plans to release a new Google-branded tablet next month.

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