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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Terahertz bandwidth: up to a thousand times greater speeds

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh presented a new way to significantly increase wireless data transfer speeds up to a thousand times faster.

Specifically, the team created a "frequency comb", which includes over 100THz (terahertz) in bandwidth. This is achieved through a dense collection of atomic motions in a semiconductor crystal silicon.

In other words, separating a light color in a series of spectral lines equidistant between them. During the experiments, the team observed that the reflected light oscillated in 15.6THz. Theoretically, that is, this discovery opens the door for smartphones and tablets to transmit data at frequencies of terahertz.

The terahertz frequencies are one of the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and shortwave light. Modern devices from the other frequencies are limited to gigahertz.

H group believes it can even go further and experiment to succeed in classes petahertz frequencies which in turn is 1000 times faster than the number who achieved today.

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