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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scientists at MIT have created a camera that can "see" around corners

corner camera

How would you feel if you could see around corners with a camera? Scientists at MIT have managed to create in two years such a camera using laser light to detect echoes.

It operates on the principle of the periscope, but without using mirrors to redirect light but normal walls, doors, floors roundtrips.

Specifically, ti's using a femtosecond laser that emits short light rays. The light reflected on the wall and falls onto another surface and ends up back in the camera sensor. The time required to return the radius of the sensor is an indication of how far he has traveled from the start light.

The process shall be done several times until the system can synthesize the geometry of the room. The image produced is 3D and a bit blurry but easily recognizable.

This technology could be used in practice by rescue workers in emergency situations to a vision behind corners. Beyond this, however, remains itself a major technological achievement.

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