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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Microsoft analyzes Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 [Video]

Completing two weeks after the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview Microsoft describes the rationale behind the creation of the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10.

Microsoft has invested much more in this new version in both overall performance and responsiveness of the application and security enhancements.

For example, improvements include simple movements swipe (a multitouch screen) back and forth to achieve the function buttons back / forward in a traditional browser. If mouse is the same function is achieved with mouse over the corresponding area on the right and left of the screen IE10.

IE10 exploits operating tiles using a web browser pointing into the often visited sites and bookmarks. Users, in fact, they can 'pin' websites and IE10 directly outside the Start Screen. These pages will stand with the appropriate color and favicon and can be contained and reminders or messages depending on the type of site.

Regarding the issue of security the IE10 contains the "Enhanced Protected Mode" for the isolation of each page in a separate tab. The function has been upgraded allowing InPrivate feature and not per tab per session. This possibility, indeed, will be offered to users of IE10 for Windows 7 in a future update.

Overall this is an interesting article published in the way it works the IE10. You can read more here on the official Microsoft site and see the video below:

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