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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google confirms the preparing of Chrome for Windows 8

Google says working on a version of Chrome that works on the environment Metro. These new come after the declaration of Mozilla Firefox that develops for Metro.
Google spokeswoman told Mashable that the new version of Chrome is based desktop browser (unlike the Android version).
"Our goal is to offer users a fast, simple and safe experience of Chrome on all platforms, including both desktop and Metro versions of Windows 8. To achieve this, we are in the process of developing Metro version of Chrome with the improved desktop Chrome for Windows 8, with the support touch capabilities. "
This means that when the first Windows 8 tablets start to move later in 2012, customers will be able to use the same browsers were and Windows 7, but designed for the environment Metro.
Metro is a friendly touch mode of Windows 8, which is ideal for tablets, but works equally well with mouse and keyboard. Users will be able to use the Metro or the traditional Windows desktop.
Of course, until recently there were doubts about whether Microsoft will allow other browsers beyond Internet Explorer environmental Metro. In a recent communication, the company revealed that other browsers will be welcome at the Metro, and will have some advantages over other Metro apps (like multitasking). Disadvantages, however, users can use only one default browser in the Metro.
We therefore expect the Google team and 1/1 Chrome browser demo of the new environment of Windows 8, soon.

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