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Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Smartphone apps decrese your battery energy extremely fast!

smartphone battery

Wonder why the battery of your new smartphone barely lasts a day? Perhaps because instead of buying applications you choose to download the free versions of them!

Abhinav Pathak of Purdue University in Indiana, along with his team, developed a specialized software which analyzes the energy management of installed applications on a smartphone and it looked popular applications and games like Angry Birds, the Free Chess and app NYTimes.

The results were shocking:

More than 75% of energy use is used to serve ads or personal identifying data and uploading them to a corporate server.

For example, Angry Birds only 20% of the total energy used for the game itself! About 80% of the total energy consumed by the application are caused by positioning of the user and the serving of advertisements (location-based-ads).

The full survey results will be announced at the conference to be held EuroSys next month in Switzerland.

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