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Thursday, March 8, 2012

DigiTimes: Comes Kindle Fire 10.1 inches instead of 8.9-inch version!

The DigiTimes reports that Amazon is preparing the release of two new tablets, a successor to the current Kindle Fire and a new 10.1-inch model - instead of the rumored 8.9-inch model - for 2012. Both models are scheduled to release second quarter of 2012, and represent a company's transition away from traditional e-readers. Source DigiTimes reports that Amazon has reduced orders from E Ink, which indicated a 62% reduction in its revenue last month. Of course the site known to reject the previous article of a new Kindle Fire, it is difficult to know what to believe, but considering the success of the Amazon with the first movement of the market tablet, would not be surprising to see a new larger model.

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