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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Battle between the new iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!

A few hours after the official launch of the new iPad, the Samsung did not remain with arms folded, and reminds the public that the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (with the stylus S-Pen) and even directly compare the two tablets!

As you see in the chart below focuses on the Samsung interface and functionality, noting first that the Galaxy Note 10.1 you can watch and use / work in two applications simultaneously, something not possible in the new iPad.

This is true enough that the user uses one of the specific applications that support the Samsung equivalent API for Android.

Then, the comparison goes to S-Pen stylus of the Galaxy Note, which gives the user the ability to write and paint with excellent accuracy, which is also missing from the new iPad. Thanks to the stylus, the user can also take notes in an application as another monitor, and here the Samsung says the new iPad can do, as long as you have your pen and paper. Closing on the stylus, indicating that they are accurately managing and editing photos, but here goes on to discuss possibilities of application and not the characteristics of the device, so it is rather pointless argument.

Finally, Samsung says the new iPad is thicker and heavier than the Galaxy Note 10.1 (Galaxy Tabs in general are less massive than the iPads), while the latter has infrared technology to be used as a remote control, and of course includes microSD and USB slots .

All right so far, but there is no reference in the resolution of the display, the processor and camera. Moreover, the new iPad released in major markets of the world within the next 2 weeks, with prices already known and pre-orders already in progress, while we can not say the same for the Galaxy Note 10.1, and inevitably the least Apple wins time the war of marketing.

BONUS: Since the post refers to comparisons, we cite the following very interesting comparative chart that Engadget puts it next to the new iPad Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Asus Transformer Pad Infinity - Toshiba Excite X10 LE.

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