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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coming new features in YouTube!

In coming weeks, YouTube users will notice new changes in the highly popular video, a Google and decided to improve the viewing experience by adding content to YouTube in the video sequence thumbnails. Let's see in detail the new features:

Learn what will happen following

If while watching a video you're curious about what will happen next, you can pass your mouse over the bar and see thumbnails of what happens at times that you selected.

Remember where you left off

Unlike the first operation, this has to do with it before. If for example you want to keep a video but can not remember where you left, you can find the exact point of dragging your mouse over the bar. In this way you will see alternating fast thumnails previous and subsequent scenes allowing you to easily find where you left off.

Second bar in large videos

The latest addition to video longer than 90 minutes. In this video, added a second bar above the base, which essentially divides the video into smaller segments (90 seconds each), so the user does not lose.

To see the new features in practice, you can open the video Life In A Day.

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