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Friday, March 23, 2012

All you need to know about the new changes in Facebook's security policy

In the new changes in security policy goes far the most popular social network in the world, starting with the renaming of the term 'Privacy Policy' to 'Data Use Policy'. Let's see in detail the major changes:

Access to content and user information

Now all the details you need about the different applications access to your data you can find in the section 'Sharing Your Content and Information'. Here it is clear that the applications that you download have the right to see your content (after your permission when downloading) like those of your friends, provided that the latter have access to your content.


The Facebook prohibits obtaining information from social network using automated means without its consent. Moreover, these 'dating' applications within the social network is now available only to users over 18 years.

Special Provisions for users outside the U.S.

This change allows Facebook to block / restrict the provision of any functions or services to specific geographic areas. The move is reminiscent of its policy for censorship of Twitter tweets in selected countries.

Protecting the rights of third

While so far the users of social network could do a tag third party without consent, Facebook now decided to go one step further. From now on, will not be allowed to tag other people do you know you do not want that.

Special Provisions for advertisers

This clarifies that Facebook is not responsible for any cheating advertisers invalid click through ads or other technological issues that may arise.

Special Provisions for software

This is a new section concerning any downloaded software associated with Facebook, such as the various plug-ins for browsers around. The company says it will release software update for these products without any further notice. Moreover, explicitly prohibits any attempt to access the source code of the social network.


Facebook invites users to comment on the changes (here), indicating that in case of suspension of more than 7,000 faculty will offer voting by providing alternatives.

The new security policy (Data Use Policy) of Facebook here.

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