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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Screenwise: The new Google program that pays to track you!

So as to learn more about the daily web habits and subsequently improve its services, Google announced a new program that will move the interest of too many users ...

google screenwise amazon

The program is called Screenwise and aims to monitor the details of all our movements on the Internet against any monetary compensation!

It is an extension for Google Chrome you just install it, care to monitor and record your every click. In return, Google offers you an immediate $ 5 gift certificate for Amazon and another $ 5 every three months for next year (ie a total of $ 25 for one year).

The new program is optional, but you have to be over 13 and own a Google Account so as to participate. On the part of the Amazon is not involved at all and is just Screenwise a useful form of "currency for Internet".

For purposes of this program, Google is working with Knowledge Networks before joining and therefore it is advisable to take a look in its own terms. Once registered, Google transfers your data to the last and off its own copy. So you will not have to worry that the program can access so far your activity.

Those who want to participate you can submit your request here.

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