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Friday, February 10, 2012

Google Drive, the cloud storage service is coming soon

google drive

Since last September, Google planned to create its own cloud storage service, and now the WSJ reports that in the coming weeks will be ready the Google Drive.

According to the information, Google will offer cloud storage with lower prices than its competitors and iCloud Dropbox (the second charge and $ 10/50GB $ 20/100GB), while there is the possibility for free use by the display of advertisements.

The user can store documents, photos and videos, and will have the possibility of sharing dispatch download link, instead of sending files by email or otherwise. It will release Google Drive respective applications for mobile devices, so you can immediately send photos and videos in the cloud directly from your smartphone or tablet user.

It should be noted that Google already has services for the "upload" files, such as Picasa for photos / videos and Google Music for music files, and it will be interesting to see who designed such a move.

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