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Monday, February 13, 2012

MySpace: the strong comeback of the music social network

Things may not gone very well over the last years for MySpace, but after the change of ownership (last June) perhaps it's the first time there is positive news, which may mean recovery of erstwhile forceful social network.

According to the website NY Times, the new owners (Tim and Chris Vanderhook, Justin Timberlake) will announce that they have registered more than 1 million new users to MySpace since last December, when he presented the new music player, with Chris Vanderhook characteristics indicate that the new records went from ... 0/day to 40.000/day!

The new owners seem to avoid the (big) mistakes of News Corp. and focus on the conversion of MySpace in music and entertainment network, preferring to work with large social networks (Facebook, Twitter) rather than trying to compete them.

This is how it seems that MySpace gradually regains the trust and interest of music lovers everywhere, and we should not forget that the music library includes more than 42 million pieces, much larger than that of Spotify or Rhapsody.

Finally, remember that in 2012 will be released and the application for MySpace TV TVs Panasonic Viera Connected, bringing the music social network in your living room with the push of a button.

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