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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adobe Project Primetime, a new platform for videos and ads for any system [Video]

Adobe presented at MWC 2012 the new platform Project Primetime, which can be used by various devices and operating systems (Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, Android, iOS, etc.) for video streaming, while it is possible to add ads (the videos) and monitoring of data. All through one system.

According to Deputy Adobe, David Wadhwani,

"The new Adobe platform transforms the way is the distribution and consumption of videos and advertisements. The Project Primetime gives media companies a perfect solution to seamlessly provide the content they want that tablets, mobile phones, televisions and computers via IP "

The platform uses Adobe Project Primetime Auditude system for placing ads in the videos, which had been acquired by the company last November. The advertiser or provider of hardware, you can place dynamic and targeted advertising in live videos, that video-on-demand or other video wants a very simple way.

All functions of Adobe Project Primetime will gradually become available in 2012.

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