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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Withings WiFi scales, the smart solution for monitoring your weight

withings wifi scale

The Withings WiFi scale is a valuable tool for monitoring your weight and registration of the complete picture of your health. All you have to do is climb on it and all the rest is her ...

withings wifi scale

Each weighed records important parameters such as weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and body mass index (BMI) indicating your comparison on the basis of the healthy population.

withings wifi scale

The measurement data stored automatically and wirelessly to your personal account, which you access via the free application Withings WiScale for iOS and Android, or alternatively through for Mac and PC.

withings wifi scale

After you create your account by filling in details such as gender, date of birth and your height, every time you open the application automatically connects to it. From there you can watch the progress of your weight, to refer to your previous measurements and setting goals for the desired weight and body fat.

withings wifi scale

Furthermore, the application allows you to share your measurements with the third (nutritionists, coaches, friends) via email or post your data on Facebook and Twitter.

Another very basic feature is the capability to scale to multiple users, up to 8 - and the automatic identification of each user based on previous measurements.

Finally, the scale is compatible with many online applications and services, sports, health and weight loss. Such are the Runkeeper (recording parameters sports for smartphone), Dailyburn (count calories), Weightbot (monitoring of body weight) and dozens of others. The full list of participating applications will find here.

After testing the Withings WiFi scale, we can say with confidence that this is an extremely useful tool in an elegant and impressive design, perfect for any lover of technology who cares about his physical condition. Thanks to the quality manufacturing of aluminum, glass and little plastic device is a rugged and cosmetically perfect whole.

The Withings WiFi scales you can get from the site Ostracon price of $ 160 including transport, which will find and the equally remarkable Withings Smart Blood Pressure

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