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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Touristlink, new social network for travelers

Whenever we plan a trip, we usually consult friends and relatives who have visited this destination.
Now, this work is to take a new social network called Touristlink, allowing travelers to allilepidroyn with other users or consult experts.
The users of this social network can create lists of their favorite destinations, share them with friends, to propose sites and uploading photos of the places you have visited. Moreover, the Touristlink provides a list of the top attractions in each city based on ratings and reviews by users, but also full access to travel guides, travel agents, hotel owners and renters of rooms.
Whatever you need, you simply posts the request and you will soon receive multiple bids from professionals in the field trip to choose the one you consider most advantageous.
Before entering the system, experts go through a special inspection to certify their identity, while each one of them marked by lower prices, services and of how active they are.
The entrance to Touristlink and its use is completely free, although if you want to make a reservation through the site, keeps 10% commission. At present, the social network is a public beta version with 1,500 registered members and is expected to officially open its doors this coming May.

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