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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Google TV: Cloud gaming by integrating the OnLive and Gaikai!

Enhanced Google TV continues to OnLive and Gaikai to notify the CES 2012 that will integrate their respective cloud gaming platforms on these TVs, bringing toys found in Gaming directly to them!
google tv

Starting from OnLive, to mention that initially will be available to implement OnLive Viewer, which allows users to watch trailers of upcoming games, with the full version coming later in 2012.

Of course, supported the remote control Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, which connects directly to TV or Google TV set box. According to the company, the user can play for free the first 30 minutes of almost all 200 games, including the platform, and we can buy each one individually. Another option is the assistance package OnLive PlayPack unlimited access to 140 cloud games company.
google tv

Moreover, Gaikai announced it will integrate its own cloud gaming service exclusively on LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs, and even said that preparing the fastest cloud network in the world for three years in order to bring top games on television without requiring extra hardware.

It is worth noting that Gaikai has closed agreements with big companies (Best Buy, Capcom, Ubisoft, Walmart and Electronic Arts), giving them the opportunity to streamaroun games directly to users through the Smart TVs by LG.

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