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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Samsung 55 "OLED HDTV and Smart TVs with upgrade ability! [CES 2012]

samsung oled tv

Samsung has presented at CES 2012 its new Smart TVs the company, adding facial recognition, gesture recognition and voice commands, but a 55 "OLED HDTV to get into the eye of the LG.
samsung oled tv
The Samsung 55 "OLED HDTV will be released later in 2012, a previously unknown value, and has all the functions contained in the other Smart TVs the company, as management of voice, facial recognition and recognition of gestures management style Kinect.

Otherwise, the display consists of a single piece of glass and each pixel has one behind his own subpixels for rendering color (RGB), making it a 1000 times faster than traditional LED TVs, while consuming less energy by LCD TVs.
samsung oled tv

Also included processor dual-core, 3D support and access to approximately 1400 applications for Smart TVs. Note that it is compatible with the new function AllShare Play (something like AirPlay of Apple) for cloud storage and streaming files (photos, videos, movies, etc.) between smartphones, tablets, cameras, computers and televisions.

Continue with Smart TVs the company for which the Samsung foresight to not lose contact with the later models, announcing that all can be upgraded both in terms of software and in hardware, with special upgrade kits that will be released in 2013.
samsung oled tv

The three new Smart TVs are Samsung ES8000 Smart LED TV, Samsung ES7500 Smart LED TV and Samsung E80000 Smart Plasma TV, which feature dual-core processor, built-in camera and microphone (for voice recognition and gesture), access to 1400 Smart TV Apps and compatibility with the new service AllShare Play.

The two LED are extremely thin margin (bezel), with a thickness of only 5mm to select 3D panel and 12.7mm for 2D panel, but no option for mounting on a wall. On the other hand, Plasma delivers a 10% black darkness compared with the previous generation of plasma, which is due to the Real Black Pro Panel.
samsung oled tv

Moreover, the president of Samsung America, Tim Baxter, announced that it will be available game Angry Birds, and a free channel Angry Birds cartoons!

At present there are no announced release date and final price.

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