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Sunday, January 15, 2012

IBM created 1bit memory with just 12 atoms, making it possible to create 400TB hard disks!

ibm memory

IBM is a pioneer once again, approaching the issue of storage on the opposite side compared to the Law of Moore, and managed to fit the smallest unit of storage (1bit) in an area forming just people!

Lead researcher, Andreas Heinrich, had the challenge of trying to abolish the Law Moore, which applies until we reach the atomic level, and he did chrisimopoontas an STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope) for the management of people.

Of course, this method is far easier to carry out, since the STMs are expensive and bulky microscopes, storage of 1bit to 12 people can not be done at room temperature to maintain the load (at room temperature takes about 150 people), while not creating reliable wires at the atomic scale to "stick" the 12atomiko bit.

However, this is a huge technoliki evolution for the first time brings the ability to store an individual level, which theoretically means the ability to create hard disk capacity of 400TB, but also create smaller and more powerful computers without tangled quantum mechanics.

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