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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flipora, intelligent content recommendations based on your Internet activity

Flipora is a new service that helps you find news and topics of interest, recording all the websites you visit and analyzing data such as how long you stay in, what you like / share, and much more.

In essence it is an add-on for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) that stores the URLs of all sites you visit, excluding those of them require a password and others that you specify. Based on this information, the service builds your personal profile and shows you the content that it deems relevant.

First choose the topics that interest you (technology, movies, music, jokes, etc.) and the service takes care to show you what best suits your preferences. Each time you click on a page, the proposals are shaped accordingly. If still an issue that you are not interested, you can choose 'Flip to Next Page'.

Those interested can try Flipora here.

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