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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RIM presents BlackBerry 10 with new design and applications [Video]

The Canadian Research in Motion (RIM) known for its BlackBerry devices has presented yesterday a first glimpse of the upcoming operating BlackBerry 10 is expected to save the company from competition from companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia roundtrips. H presentation was part of the BlackBerry World Conference which takes place in Orlando and beyond an initial presentation were the primary tools for developers to write native applications and HTML5 and shared original equipment to all developers that were present.

As you see in the video below to BlackBerry 10 includes a new algorithm for predicting words and phrases in the footsteps of SwiftKey allowing the user to swipe on the suggestions to make full sentences without having to type letter by letter.

Also, the camera has an innovative feature which you can tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture and then using a timeline tool you can select a time just before or after taking a picture - perfect for times when the photos "catch" the blink of eye.

RIM said the first devices with the BlackBerry 10 will make their appearance until the end of 2012 and until then will probably learn more. Watch the video:

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