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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The English government plans to block all the porn websites

Shortly after the ban of Pirate Bay, this time the British government is seriously considering blocking access to all erotic websites to protect children from inappropriate spectacle.

If put into effect the new measures will be applied to deny access from both PCs and from mobile devices. The adults will have the option to remove the restriction, however, these sites will be blocked from the outset to ensure that minors will not be able to see inappropriate content.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron is planning a meeting with the major ISPs in the country to discuss the issue. Advocates for the ban and the Labour Party vice, Harriet Harman, who said:

"Protecting children online is a real problem that millions of worried parents. Requires hard work to develop a technology that is easy to use and also effective, so that parents have the control necessary to protect their children. "

On the other hand, there are few, and those who speak of one more step the Government's Internet censorship.

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