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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anonymous attack to Virgin Media to block the Pirate Bay in the UK

Not many days have passed from the Court of the Supreme British blocking of the Pirate Bay from five providers, and the answer comes from Anonymous, who threw the site of the Virgin Media provider because of its adherence to the block (the other four are O2, Sky Broadband, Everything Everywhere and Talk Talk).

Anonymous UK @ AnonUK
# Anonymous have just taken down # VirginMedia website again because of their involvement in the # Censorship of The Pirate Bay # TPB # OpTPB
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The Virgin Media justified the attitude of an official announcement:

"As a responsible provider (ISP), Virgin Media comply with the orders of the court but we strongly believe that addressing the issue of copyright infringement requires legal alternatives that will give access to material at the right price, in order to change habits consumer "

What is very interesting is the position taken by the operators of the Pirate Bay on the attack of Anonymous:

"We do not encourage such actions. We believe in an open and free Internet, where anyone can express his views. Even if we disagree sit with them, even if they hate us. So do not you fight them using their own methods bad. The DDoS attacks and blockages are also forms of censorship. If you want to help, start a tracker, write a manifesto, join or start a pirate organization, your friends learn the art of BitTorrent, Set up a proxy server, write your political beliefs, create a protocol P2P, pirate print some posters and fill your city with them, argue artists Promo Bay or simply become good kids and call your mother to tell her that you love "

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