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Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 things you should know about CISPA

We dealt recently with CISPA (Cyber ​​Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), the dangerous new bill promoted by the U.S. government, which among other requests from private companies and websites on the immediate delivery of user data, if requested by a government organization .

Here are some important things you should know about CISPA:

1. CISPA has nothing to do with SOPA

As is logical, most readers confuse CISPA with SOPA, but in reality the two bills have nothing to do with each other. CISPA has to do with privacy and in particular the irrational search and seizure of user data, while the SOPA with the right to freedom of speech on the Internet. The only similarity lies in the fact that both are related to the Internet.

2. CISPA improved after some amendments

A total of 11 amendments were added to the CISPA bill from the start, improving to some extent issues such as the type of information will be collected and how the government can use this information.

3. The bill is still dangerous

Despite these improvements, the bill still is dangerous and uncertain. As mentioned, the collected data could be used for unspecified purposes "national security", while not precisely defined in what other organizations will be able to share.

4. CISPA is not the only candidate Bill in Congress

Can CISPA to monopolize this time interest, but two more bills, namely the 'Cybersecurity Act of 2012' (S. 2105), and SECURE IT Act (S. 2151) voted to keep chances.

5. It is doubtful if the CISPA approved by the Senate

Chances are that the Senate would require further changes to the bill, given the opposition of Obama that threatened to bring even veto. Not excluded that the CISPA be combined with other bills (such as Lieberman and McCain) which means that you should xanapsifistei the U.S. House before arriving back in the hands of Obama.

For more details check out the following Infographic:

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