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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ubuntu: Soon comes the smartphone version

The fans (and users) of truly open-source software may soon have yet another reason to rejoice as the Canonical opened a post indicating that it would address the creation of mobile versions of the operating system Ubuntu!

The idea for the transition into the world of portable devices existed since 2008, but the first efforts were rejected. However, within these 4 years have been many steps forward, particularly in the development of Ubuntu, and should not be forgotten that the Canonical launches and version Ubuntu for Android (not to forget that Android is also based on Linux).

Time will tell more real is the plan of Canonical, since there is always the chance it's just a better cooperation with Android. Besides, it is easy to put one on the operating system of Google, with Tranos example Maemo (also Linux-based) that failed miserably. However, the advert says features "launch of Ubuntu as a smartphone operating system" 

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