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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Samsung launches advertising platform against Apple and Google

Samsung today announced the AdHub Market, a new service is expected to compete with the advertising platform AdMob and iAd of Apple and Google respectively.

The Korean company will work closely with OpenX Technologies allowing developers to gain high and advertisers to reach a wide audience.

The two companies are making it the first time I attempted this approach in the field of advertising on mobile devices. The Samsung chose very carefully the OpenX studying alongside other alternatives. The OpenX now has a turnover of $ 100 million per year and actively entered the field of advertising.

To AdHub Market is expected to become available in the second half of 2012 while waiting for more information and details.

With this move, the Samsung is once again confronted by Google, the maker of Android used in the popular series Galaxy. H Google is based largely on profits from advertising and you will not necessarily be pleased that its profits will fall.

For its part, Apple made a strong start with iAd in 2010 but since then the platform is in constant decline. Various problems, such as service availability in a few countries and the high price of participation away advertisers. The company has recently taken steps to improve the platform by increasing the share of profits for developers to 70 percent and reducing the initial value from 1 million to $ 100.000 .

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