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Friday, April 6, 2012

The new advertising campaign af Skype attacking Facebook and Twitter!

A new advertising campaign of $ 12 million has started Microsoft in the UK to promote the popular online communication service, Skype.

Only instead of being limited to the viewing capabilities of the service, he chose to do in attacking competing Facebook and Twitter. The campaign called 'It's time for Skype' and argues that social networks "degrade humanity." Among the most characteristic phrases is as follows:

"When did LOL replace the sound of laughter?"
"When did it become okay to text mum happy birthday?"
"Humans were made to look, listen and feel."
"140 characters doesn't equal staying in touch."
"Your one-way ticket back to humanity."
"Upgrade from a wall post to a first class conversation."
"No delays on human conversation."

However, the irony in the whole affair is that despite the categories to Facebook and Twitter, the company chose to promote the campaign in and of these two social networks ... And of course you should not forget that a video can be on Skype is more direct than a tweet or chat on Facebook but it certainly can not be compared with the personal contact.

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