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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google Art Project: Online tour in 151 museums worldwide, and the White House

Nearly 14 months after the official launch of Google Art Project, the company extended its partnerships with 151 museums in 40 countries , enabling those who are unable to visit close by, admire the artwork from their computer.

At the start of Google Art Project, the lists there were 17 museums from 9 countries with about 1000 photos, and now has reached the 30,000 high resolution photos and added the possibility of browsing Street View in 46 of the 151 museums (more on expected future ).

Note that within the Google Art Project was added and the virtual tour inside the White House with the blessings of Michelle Obama, who said:

"The White House is not just a house for the First Family or a meeting with leaders from around the world. It is known as the 'House of the People', a place should be open to all. Thousands of people have walked through these walls to admire the artwork, including portraits of Washington, Lincoln and Kennedy. Now you can do this without leaving the house "

It can take a look at Google Art Project, and you can make a virtual tour of the White House from here.

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