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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

End of the posts from Anonymous in Pastebin

Until now, the usual ending of each Anonymous attack was a Pastebin notification of all  stolen data including usernames, passwords, emails, addresses and even credit card numbers.

Now, Pastebin wants to end the story is planning to hire dedicated staff policing the website will endeavor to delete such content as soon as possible. Indeed, currently receives about the Pastebin 1200 abuse reports a day either through notification of the site or via email. The company's owner, 28, Jeroen Vader says:

"Over the last three months there was not a day that will not accept attacks DDoS. We intend to hire extra staff to monitor the content of the website. We hope that this will accelerate the removal of sensitive data are published daily. "

On the other hand, indicate that the Pastebin currently attracts around 17 million unique visitors each month, number two years earlier amounted to 500,000 ...

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