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Friday, March 23, 2012

Zynga buys the company 'Draw Something' for $ 180 million!

After creating its own gaming platform and its removal from Facebook, Zynga is acquired the OMGPOP, the company behind the popular mobile game 'Draw Something' for the amount of $ 180 million.

The 'Draw Somenthing', which is the transfer of the board game Pictionary in iOS and Android, now counts more than 30 million downloads in total 84 countries. The game is available in the free and paid version and so far yielded a profit of $ 250,000 a day in OMGPOP!

The CEO of OMGPOP, Dan Porter, says:

"Zynga gave us a great opportunity to focus on the Draw Something. Together we will try to keep it fun, improve their performance in any of the issues and plan the development of new games with more developers on our staff.

As for the game does not change anything apart from faster execution of all functions (chat, sharing, galleries, etc.). Surely you crazy with all that we prepare with Zynga. "

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