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Friday, March 2, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note: It exceeded the 2 million sales!

When first introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note, essentially inaugurating the category of tabletphones, there were few who questioned that it will succeed, despite the fact that it is a remarkable device with excellent features.

Finally, after four months on the shelves, sales topped 2 million worldwide, proving that there is room in the market for equipment 5.3 "!

Of course, this figure is not nearly enough sales of iPhone 4S (37 million), although the Samsung set out to compare through the latest ads, not even those of the Samsung Galaxy S II (exceeded 20 million), but ceases to be a remarkable performance, the company expects to reach 10 million by the end of the year!

For safer conclusions on the category of tabletphones, we should see the course and competitors (eg LG Optimus Vu, Panasonic Eluga Power). You will spend money for such a device?

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