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Thursday, March 8, 2012

NBC-YouTube agreement for live streaming coverage of the Olympic Games 2012

The U.S. television network NBC has an agreement with YouTube (Google) for live coverage of the Olympic Games in London. Since the agreement will benefit both sides, with YouTube links the name of the top sporting event in the world and The NBC to exploit the huge public service.

The aim is to cover all the events and provide more than 3,000 hours including streaming video award, exclusive interviews and other material. All content will be available exclusively through and nowhere else on The NBC explains:

"We plan to convey to viewers the extensive content of the Olympics presenting for the first time all the events on live streaming.

You will have the opportunity to watch more than 3,000 hours of racing, all (302) prize and gold medal in every event in between. It will also provide exclusive replay, interviews with athletes and other relevant content. "

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