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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Most popular browser is the Internet Explorer, followed by Chrome

New data from StatCounter report that the share of Internet Explorer continues to decline over the past three months, while Chrome has a steady growth and Firefox remained broadly stable. The data suggest that IE lost almost the same percentage who won Chrome, with other browsers remain stable for the same period. However, the analysis firm Net Applications has a different opinion, and says the development has stopped Chrome, Internet Explorer has started to revive, Firefox lost about 0.9%, while Opera, Safari and other browsers are the 7-10 % of the market.

The difference in the figures illustrates the different methods companies use statistics by StatCounter show dramatic changes, while Net Applications has remained generally stable in the elements. Both companies agree that the Internet Explorer browser remains the first in the market, others to climb. The question is whether Microsoft will be able to reverse the data in the Internet Explorer 10.

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