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Friday, March 30, 2012

Losses of $ 125 million for RIM over the past three months

RIM announced yesterday the results for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2012, and as expected the data was not pleasant. The company revealed losses of $ 125 million, with revenues limited to $ 4.2 billion, falling 19% over the previous quarter. Shipments of BlackBerry smartphones was not such satisfactory, since in the quarter, RIM sent 11.1 million units, a 21% decline from the third fiscal quarter.

 Because of low sales and wanting to focus on creating a subscriber base BlackBerry 7 this year, RIM said it will not give publicity to the next quarter forecasts for sales of smartphones. This move frees the company from the pressure to meet specific goals, but also means that low sales are expected in the near future.

The CEO, Thorsten Heins, said that "very excited about the prospects of the platform of BlackBerry 10", on which the company relies on managed to survive and return to dynamic markets.

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