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Friday, March 16, 2012

Huge fines on Samsung and LG for holding on prices and consumer fraud!

Fines amounting to € 30 million imposed by the Competition Commission of South Korea (FTC) to manufacturers of mobile phones and mobile telephony in the country, paying for their classes for holding prices and deceiving consumers. In the list of these companies include big names such as Samsung and LG.

According to the categories of FTC, the manufacturers secretly came to agreements with mobile operators (SK Telecom, KT and LG Unplus) in order to deceive consumers. What we did was to inflate the prices of specific devices to provide the above benefits later in "reduced" price contracts.

The fraud on the whole 209 devices. Providers as the main defendant is SK Telecom, which is obliged to pay a fine of € 13.7 million, while phones from manufacturers, the largest fine imposed on Samsung (€ 9.6 million)

We recall that a few days ago we saw the Vodafone and T-Mobile to face similar accusations of secret understandings and values ​​for holding the matter be investigated now by the EU

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