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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Foursquare stops using Google Maps!

Foursquare stops working with the Google Maps service for the sake of map service OpenStreetMap project.
The successful website announced the change through a blog post, explaining the decision on such a large change in API. To strengthen the maps, the Foursquare will work with the company MapBox, who calls himself "a wonderful alternative to Google Maps" and will use data from OpenStreetMap.
"As a company that is at the beginning of the cycle, we think we can make life easier for new companies and others." Explains Foursquare.
The Foursquare says he chose MapBox for 3 reasons: using OpenStreetMap - which will continue to improve, allowing flexibility in design - so the Foursquare can choose colors to match the rest of the application and based on open-source java script library.

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