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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facebook upgrades its search engine

Facebook plans to upgrade its search engine, so that search results include not only users, as is now well-sites.

The information collected from the huge volume of data they store everyday users of social network and not through the algorithms of Google. Indeed, for the implementation of an upgraded search engine that Facebook has the potential to integrate the former engineer of Google, Lars Rasmussen, who according to sources has already started the project along with 25 other engineers of the company.

The first rumors of a renewed search engine social network started when I went to the laptop publicity photo of Mark Zuckerberg, where the Facebook search field was quite different (more extended) than the current one.

Passing to the other side, we saw that recently and Google plans to make changes in how the top search engine in the world, adopting the semantic search (sematic search) in collaboration with existing algorithms.

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