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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Calculate the age of a person with a single photograph! is a website that claims to be able to calculate the age a person from a simple photo. The API has been used to build applications for Facebook that can automatically scan the photos and is available for other developers who would like to take advantage of this feature.

The API can visualize an estimated age and minimum and maximum. Apparently the service is not 100 percent accurate but gives a good approximation for the age a person.

Among those who ticked the algorithm to calculate the age is whether the face is soft and round indicating young person or if it is more elongated suggesting older person.

Of course, the estimate for the age depends on the quality of the image and the direction of the face. The software offers a figure of "confidence", ie how much confidence has calculated the age based on these parameters.

The practical usefulness of such software, for example, to identify minors who want to buy cigarettes or alcohol which is prohibited by law.

You too can try the program with your own picture with the corresponding application for iPhone [iTunes link] to see whether they correctly detect your age.

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