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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blizzard will release wow for iphone!

Statements which may cause shock to fans of World of Warcraft (WoW) made by John Lagrave of Blizzard, who said that his company is looking for a way to carry the popular RPG on iPhone.

Specifically, Lagrave said in an interview with Eurogamer that Blizzard looks for a way to transfer the WoW small screen to the iPhone without the detriment of the game experience. Essentially, until the company to find a way so you can enjoy the full WoW 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone, things will remain stagnant.

It should be emphasized, however, that taking into account the time that Blizzard wants to develop a game should not expect anything new soon on the subject, let alone to see something tangible. However, if the problem is the iPhone's 3.5 inches let's do it just for iPad (9.7 inches) and we will not say anything!

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