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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Windows Phone Tango, the first screenshots were leaked!

Until now, Microsoft has officially "talked" about Windows Phone Tango, the mobile version of OS rumored to be used in entry-level opportunities and generally smaller smartphones, but the website WP7forum reveals some screenshots that confirm its intentions company and reveal new details.

According to WP7forum, the device was used only 256MB of RAM, that is half of the minimum requirement of Windows Phone, but Microsoft does not allow the installation of specific applications from the Windows Phone Marketplace. If the application requires more memory, then displays pop-up message informing that they be installed.

Furthermore, the requirements for the camera reduced to 3MP (instead of 5MP), while sending MMS distinguished with two images (up to now supports WP 1 picture / MMS), and improved voice recording application for adding voice messages to MMS.

We expect more details at MWC 2012, after Windows Phone Tango for the second quarter of 2012, according to the timetable that was leaked in late 2011.

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