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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twitter secretly selling all tweets in advertising companies!

Most Twitter users believe that unlike Facebook is protected on privacy issues, and the tweets are visible only to those who choose.

This is to refute the recent revelation that Twitter actually keeps records of all tweets from January 2010 onwards and then sell to the British company Datasift to provide targeted ads without the knowledge of users.

What the Datasift is to analyze all daily tweets and then sells useful information on companies-customers (for example if someone mentions the name of a company or product). The information costs up to £ 10.000 per month and more than 1000 companies are currently waiting in the queue.

The Nick Pickles, leader of the team to safeguard privacy, Big Brother Watch, commented:

"Users may think that the tweets are personal property but apparently this is far from reality. It is clear that when a service is free, we are not customers but the products."

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