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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Interpol arrests 25 alleged members of Anonymous!

H Interpol announced the arrest of 25 alleged members of the group of hackers Anonymous popular in Europe and Latin America. The arrests took place in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain by local authorities, the latter being seizer over 250 mobile phones and computers.

Those arrested are suspected to hackarisma many Colombian and Chilean sites and their ages ranged between 17 and 40 years. Four of those arrested in Spain, among them a leading member of the hackers in Spain and Latin America, known by the nicknames 'Thunder' and 'Pacotron'.

However, despite the evidence that authorities can not be sure that suspects associated with Anonymous, because anyone can carry out attacks using the name. According to a representative of Interpol, so far there is no evidence to indicate some sort of communication among those arrested.

Behind the coordination of local authorities is the Interpol. Shortly after the announcement of the arrests, the official website of the international organization was attacked by DDoS result to remain offline for several hours. Currently is back and working properly.

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