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Monday, February 20, 2012

Intel Atom Rosepoint, next generation CPUs with integrated digital tuner WiFi!

Intel is preparing a new generation dual-core processor Intel Atom, codenamed Rosepoint, which is made in 32nm and has 2.4GHz built-in WiFi digital tuner, unlike current chips using analog.

This implies a significant improvement in energy consumption, lower manufacturing costs (and thus lower cost of the final device), and more reliable connections WiFi.

According to Justin Rattner, CTO Intel,

"Approaching the digital antenna WiFi, we can bring the benefits of Moore's Law in radio circuits"

The big challenge for the creation of Intel Rosepoint was to find a way to avoid any interference of radio waves with the processor, which Intel has managed with noise cancellation techniques and methods of electromagnetic shielding.

At present, there are original Intel Rosepoint operating normally, but mass production will start in 2015.

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