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Monday, February 27, 2012

BitTorrent will bring the uTorrent application soon to Android smartphones / tablets!

How would you feel if you had the option to download torrents directly from your Android smartphone or tablet that you own? Interestingly enough, we would say, considering that most high-end devices can streamaroun content on TVs via DLNA or MHL link.

Currently, there are several applications in the Android Market operating as "remotes" for uTorrent client computers, but this time the authors are preparing a native BitTorrent client devices for Android, but no mention of when it is available.

The aim of BitTorrent Inc. is extended to the mobile market, after already using the uTorrent client more than 140 million users worldwide, and prepare the corresponding version for Linux. However, there are no thoughts about iOS, since Apple does not want to have anything to do with BitTorrent and its applications, because they stimulate piracy.

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