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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Anonymous team threatens to "overthrow" the Internet on March 31!

The last days the Anonymous attacks are endless. This time the popular group of hackers threatening to leave the world without Internet on March 31 in protest at recent events. The statement as to:

"As a protest against To the SOPA, the Wall Street Journal, irresponsible leaders and bankers who beloved the world die from hunger to meet their own selfish needs and for the sadistic fun, we decided to discontinue the Internet."

Under the so-called business "Global Blackout", the interruption of Internet will be through the "bump" the 13 root DNS servers. On March 31, those who try to make web search Google or visit any other page, you will receive an error message.

According to Anonymous, the interruption will be temporary (a few hours to several days) will be held only for purposes of protest and has no intention to "kill" the Internet.

Will they throw the Anonymous to the Internet or threats will prove similar to those for the destruction of Facebook;'ll learn on 31 March ...

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