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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Anonymous hack the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the U.S!

Just one week after the attack on the CIA, which allegedly aroused the U.S. authorities, the Anonymous strikes again hacking two pages of the Federal Trade Commission, of the U.S. (Federal Trade Comission - FTC).

Specifically, Anonymous attacked the websites and (National Consumer Protection Week and Consumer Protection Business Center respectively), posting a satirical video in German on the bill ACTA (see below).

Please note that the FTC home page remained unaffected by the attacks, but the other two remain "fallen" and there has been no official comment so far.

The assault has extended to other government websites and the website VentureBeat managed to keep the message ofAnonymous, and you quote the full text below.

"Even more bothersome than your complete lack of competence in maintaining your own fucking websites and serving the citizens you are supposed to be protecting, is the US federal government's support of ACTA. You really want to empower copyright holders to demand that users who violate IP rights (with no legal process) have their Internet connections terminated? You really want to allow a country with an oppressive Internet censorship regime to demand under the treaty that an ISP in another country remove site content? Well, we have a critical warning for you, and we suggest you read the next few paragraphs very, very closely.

If ACTA is signed by all participating negotiating countries, you can rest assured that Antisec will bring a fucking mega-uber-awesome war that rain torrential hellfire down on all enemies of free speech, privacy and internet freedom. We will systematically knock all evil corporations and governments off of our internet. "

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