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Thursday, January 5, 2012

RIM provides licenses BB OS 10 in Samsung & HTC

rim bb os 10

After rumors of Balsillie and Lazaridis to leave the chair RIM and Barbara Symiest as President, it was the turn of the BlackBerry OS 10 us apascholisei.Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co. states that Research in Motion is likely to give licenses BlackBerry OS 10 othermanufacturers of smartphones.Misek goes on to say that RIM has already reached an agreement to use the BlackBerry OS 10from Samsung, HTC and maybe some others. If true, this of course means the end of the hardware RIM.Fysika both Samsung andHTC have a great reputation as manufacturers of Android, Samsung has another operating system, Bada, and the two companiesmanufacturing Windows Phone devices behalf of Microsoft. All this reduces the chances to move the RIM to such a move, but it isnow apparent that investors are worried about the company's course.

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